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A Day Trip To Remember in the Douro Valley

Even though Marco and Ana have received other excellent and outstanding reviews, they deserve an overall EXCEPTIONAL for what they provide. Where else would anyone drive over an hour to pick up their clients for the day? Then drive back to the valley, discussing the various regions, the types of grapes grown, the fermintation process and then tasting the product of the valley. Our day included a visit to one of the local vineyards; a tasting of the various ports produced; a Douro river boat ride with Marco demonstrating how to remove the cork with heat; the tasting of a 40 year old port that is only available to him locally; lunch at the Restaurant DOC with the food prepared by a local famous Portuguese chef; and then concluding with a drive up to the top of the highest point to see the entire Douro valley. He then drove the six of us back to our hotels, never leaving any indication of trying to hurry us back so he could get back home to his family. It is so evident that Marco and Ana are very proud of their country and the Douro valley where they live. Isn't it wonderful to have individuals like these that want to share their Portuguese love with you? For us, it was a trip of a life time. Thank you!